599fashion.com Review

599fashion.com was established in 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  They are focused on bringing high quality fashionable merchandise in low prices.  Their website is daily updated with new merchandise.  599fashion.com is a website that sells items in apparel, beauty, jewelry, shoes, kids, men, plus size, accessories, general and sales at $5.99 or less. That's right!  Why pay more, when www.599fashion.com offers so many fashion styles.  

I was browsing online and came across 599fashion.com.  I had connected with them and recevied five items from 599fashion.com.  The items arrived 3-4 days after it was ordered.  The five items ordered:

  • Strapped peplum hem top - $5.99
  • Plus size high low floral top - $5.99
  • 100% polyester top with zig-zag prints - $5.99
  • Plus size tie front button up floral blouse - $5.99
  • Self-printed skinny jeans - $5.99

599fashion.com clothes are made from nice sewn fabric or material. Their clothes will last for many years of use.  I recommend 599fashion.com for your shopping needs.  They have great customer service and will help you in any concern.  If they run out of an item size.  Join their mailing list to receive emails for new arrivals for their website.  They have so many styles and sizes from small to plus 3XL.  

My five item picks from 599fashion.com video is below.

Find out what other offers 599fashion.com has follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. You should give www.599fashion.com a try and shop for yourself or a friend. Why pay more for fashion!


Scott said...

My daughter would love those purple pants! Going to go see if they have her size!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! What a steal! I am going to be checking this out on the daily!

Unknown said...

You have such a lovely soothing voice! I could listen to your vids all day! We used to have a 599 store but our town was pretty undeveloped at the time and it didn't last too long. I hope they will try again now that we have literally exploded in growth in the past 5 years. Loved that store! You got a nice haul too! At least they have a website now that I can go check out! I can't be 100% sure that this was the exact same business that you are speaking about - but either way ... I'm going shopping NOW!

Esme Sy said...

I always love a good bargain. It helps me feed my hunger for shopping and still manage to stick within my budget. Thanks for sharing this!

Francisca said...

Hey Joely Smith 599fashion.com had closed previous $5.99 stores and were only, in Los Angeles area. They wanted to only focus on their online store 599fashion.com. Yes! I did get nice clothes from 599fashion.com:)

Jacki said...

I love that each piece is $5.99 or less! They are all cute. And I've never heard of this store, thanks for the heads up!

LA Murano said...

Amazing prices! I see a few things I want to order already. I'll have to show this site to my daughter, I think she'll like it too.

Thanks for the tip,

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